2013 Nominee: Sara Inés Calderón

The New Americano

Sara Inés Calderón is 200% Latina.  She exemplifies dos mundos by living her life as a modern Latina in the United States while always keeping true to her cultura. By utilizing her expressive journalism skills to bridge Latinos and the digital space, she’s able to bring new ideas and concepts to the table while bringing to light the stories that need to be told with honesty, finesse, and respect. Through her new start-up, Más Wired, a Latino and technology news site, she puts a huge focus on covering and inspiring more Latinos to be involved in technology.  By being a part of the MiTu team, the first Latino Network on YouTube, she keeps this goal in mind when she specifically showcases Latino talents through the network. Whether she’s posting about immigration or the latest meme, she’s engaging with her networks in a way that creates a deeper understanding of the Latino experience.

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