Calle 13

Winner 2012 - Lideres Award

When analyzing their impact and influence, the Social Revolución team came to the conclusion that they embody all three Revolucionario categories:

 The New Americanos – Puerto Rican born, Calle13 has had a career in music reaching millions with their catchy beats and powerful lyrics that are being recognized in pueblitos in Latin America as well as the Grammys. They are living in what we call dos mundos and their music is reflective of that experience.

The Mobilizers – Partnering with Unicef and other cause oriented organizations, Calle 13 has crossed over as philanthropists using their music, fans and capacity as artists to inspire and make change. Their movements have extended themselves as campaigns online and off.

The Innovators – Their music doesn’t play on Top 40 or even Spanish US stations yet they’ve won over 5 Grammys and every US and Foreign Latino knows who they are. This is due to their popularity and exposure online – their video “Latinoamerica” has had over 150k views on YouTube.